Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Version 1709 (KB4041994)

Microsoft recently rolled out their latest major update for Windows 10, Version 1709 (KB4041994). This the fourth feature version Microsoft has released in the 2 years since Windows 10 came out and it comes again with new features that you may like or may not care about. First and foremost, when you update to this version, beware! It will take a long time to download and install this update. And you will not be able to use your computer during the install part of the update!  Also several users have reported a "Missing Apps" bug in 1709  that Microsoft has a fix for as well as the usual "download is stuck" or "download did not finish" bugs that they also have the usual fixes. You can find the fixes in Windows support here:

Just type in the problem in the search bar (click on the magnifying glass) with Version 1709 as the keywords. exp: "Missing apps Version 1709".

So what's new with this version?

"Wi-Fi" has made it easier to find the option to configure where you will be sharing it, either public or private.

"Task Manager" if you use it now allows you to track your GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) usage as well as your CPU, memory, etc..

A" Power Throttling" feature offers a simple slider-based option that lets you adjust Windows 10 for better performance or better battery life.

"Cortona" has changed so you now see it as a new window in the start menu.

A new "My People" feature that can show email messages, appointments, contact details, and Skype conversations in a scrolling window that's available with a single click will be located on the lower right-hand side of the taskbar. 

"Windows Defender" security monitor also debuts an anti-ransomware feature called "Controlled Folder Access",  When you enable this feature it allows you to set which apps can access Windows' system files and data folders. 

And "Edge", Microsoft's browser answer to "Google Chrome" has become smarter and quicker although I doubt that Edge will win over loyal Chrome users.  There are a host of other features that you can check out here at:

To see which version of Windows 10 your device is currently running, select the Start  button, then select Settings (the gear icon above the power button)  > System  > About (scroll down) > Windows Specifications.

To update to the Windows 10 Version 1709 select the  Start  button, then select Settings (the gear icon above the power button)  > Update & Security > Check for updates..

Check back with often for more info and tips!