Website Design

Great looking websites don't have to cost you a fortune. We can find a website that will fit your needs and more importantly fit your wallet, for a little over $500.00.  Serving Lancaster, Pickerington, Canal Winchester and surrounding areas.

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PC Repair / Upgrade

We'll look at it for $45.00 and give you an upfront estimate. We promise to charge you a fair price on any repairs we do, and we'll tell you when its just not worth the repair. And we can recover and transfer those precious files from corrupted Hard Drives!

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Virus Removal / Cleanup

Viruses, Malware and Spyware pop up from nowhere and once your computer gets hijacked it slows to a crawl. Registry Issues also slow it down. If your getting notices, or your computer is running slow we can make it fast again for as little as $45.00.

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Since 1993

Why pay more?

In today's marketplace advertising is key, but it is also expensive. In this chaotic world, no matter how you try and save, your business costs keep going up. Marketing is no exception, with small businesses paying tens of thousands of dollars every year in advertising. Just a single ad in a magazine can run $2,000.00 or more.  Websites can run every bit of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 dollars.  And that's not including upkeep and maintenance.

Let us take the sting out of one part of your advertising budget.  Our cost is $45.00 an hour, period.  If it takes us 10 hours to build your website, that's $450.00.  Add web-hosting, SEO and SSL Certification for about $190.00 more.  That's it!

Want more sophistication? How about a WordPress themed website?  A WordPress website can be up and running for about 20 hours of labor. Yes, $900.00 for a premium website; and even at 30 hours of labor your looking at just $1,350.00! Add $190.00 more for hosting, SEO and SSL Certs.  That's it!

So relax, breathe a sigh of relief, and come up for some fresh air!

Oh, and don't forget, we charge the same to keep your Windows computers running crystal clean!  Not $65.00 or $85.00 an hour. Just $45.00 an hour.  Get in touch with us now and save!



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